2019 We Connect School Supply Conference

Dealer Learning Journey Topics:  Sunday, November 3, 1:00 PM


Social Networking-

What are your experiences with Social Marketing/Networking? What have you done to elevate your profile and what results/response do you anticipate?  What questions do you have for those dealers that have embraced the different vehicles that could help you get started?  Do Fire Sales/quick response posts generate results?  Are there other ideas to get response?


Top Products- Toy

A sharing and learning of what dealers have found to be their top selling items from the Toy Category.  This is where you can ask the questions, share your experiences and come away with great ideas and hopefully a listing of strong items that will sell!


Special Needs-

The popular presentation from last year will be back with more information, new suggestions, and sharing of experience to give you a deeper understanding of this growing category.  Colleen Harron will be back with more samples, ideas and sourcing tools to help you address the needs in your market.


Promotions to generate Year-around sales-

Let’s come with ideas that you have used successfully, and share the ways that all of us can benefit by creatively and effectively developing promotions. Help our stores stimulate activity and sales all year rather than just at Back to School.  What has worked? What can we learn from each other?


Top Products- Education

What are your top selling products in Education?  What category(s) have you seen increased sales and interest?  What were your top 5 items from this past season?  What do you consistently sell year around? Which new items have generated strong interest and sales from your teachers and/or parents?


Staff Training-

We all understand that more knowledgeable staff is important to our customers experience.  How do you help your people gain product information and become familiar with new products along with the features and benefits of so many of the products in our mix? How do you start orientation with new employees and how do you keep your more seasoned staff enthusiastic and informed?


In-Store Events, Best ones, Step by Step….how to?

For those of you have experience in this area, we are looking for some key pointers to help create, promote and execute good in-store events.  What events have you had success with and how do you market them?  What will you do different or what ideas do you have to add to your offering?