For 40 years SCHOOL-RITE has been providing quality templates designed for beginning handwriting development.  The company began with the intention of providing a tool for use at home that would assist the kinesthetic learner with handwriting skills. A mass mailing was directed to teachers and the need to develop retail packaging quickly followed.  School-Rite products were launched into the School Supply Industry in 1978.

School-Rite Handwriting Guides continue to be recommended by leading educators and provide for a wide range of programs and developmental needs.  They fascinate children as young as three years old and also assist adults in Occupational Therapy programs.  The Guides help by giving practice in forming the contour of each letter so the learner “feels” the shape of the letter he/she is practicing.

The right tools make all the difference.  School-Rite Handwriting Instruction Guides teach your child to:

  • Accurately form the contour of each letter.
  • Build fine motor skills.
  • Coordinate hand and eye movement.
  • Develop standard stroke patterns.

Since its inception, the company has manufactured all of its products in the USA and continues to do so today.  School-Rite has been recognized for its excellence and received many awards, including Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toy Product of Excellence Award, Creative Child’s Product of the Year Awards and Teacher’s Choice for the Family Award.  All products are CPSIA Certified.